Unblurring The Boundary Between Business And Leisure

Unblurring The Boundary Between Business And Leisure

You could call it naive, but I wondered why a woman who booked a hotel on a business trip wondered why she saw me when she insisted on a rough industrial city venue instead of a 30-minute beauty square. She was an hour by car to that place. 

I  was probably naive. Why do you need to stay in a shabby hotel that needs a thorough refurbishment opposite a luxury hotel? Heaven knows. Apart from the fact that I chose a hotel near the meeting the next morning. 

But what does that choice mean for my travel expenses? The answer is clear. The bill would have been bigger. And while that may not seem like a big deal, in general, a small increase, along with a small increase for everyone else, makes a lot of money that all flows into your bottom line. 

Today’s trip is easier and larger. It’s easy to combine a few days in New York with a business trip to Philadelphia. And that’s why the chances of overspending increase proportionally. 

Companies need to choose travel and expense management software, but they need to adopt it in all respects. The power of smartphone apps to collect expense data in different ways is well known, but the real benefits come before you think about business trips. 

Here are some: 

  • 1. Expense Policy: With good travel and expense management software, you can create a simple and easy-to-understand expense policy, so everyone knows what is acceptable and what isn’t. 
  • 2. Card Integration: You can integrate an approved credit or debit card (probably your company’s card) into the appropriate software package. Use it to book flights and accommodation. Do not confuse personal and corporate funds 
  • 3. Ease of use: Complex technologies discourage people. With good travel and expense management software, all the hard work is done by the app developer and the calculations and filings are done in the background, allowing individuals to record expenses quickly and easily in the main.
  • 4. You can spend more time. Business task. 
  • 5. Streamlined Process: Make the travel and expense reporting process more efficient by bringing applicants, approvals, and payments closer together, eliminating unnecessary and expensive steps in the old process.

A certain theme controls. Management of travel expenses and expense management expenses. We read “manage” as “reduce spending” because companies do so by maximising revenue. It’s hard to make money. It’s a really good company to make sure that nothing goes away without offering the best possible value if that effort goes away. 

And the project cost may seem to be in direct contact with the total project cost, but consider this. In the United States alone, travel expenses reach hundreds of billions a year, up to 10% of project costs. Isn’t it worth exercising a little more control now that technology is at stake?


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