Sate Your Wanderlust With A Truly Bizarre Vacation Rental

Sate Your Wanderlust With A Truly Bizarre Vacation Rental

It happens to the best of us: that insurmountable itch that tells us that it is time to break the shackles of the 95 routines and get away for a while. Whether you’ve worked too hard or are just tired of staring at the same four walls all the time, there’s nothing like a change of scenery to feel refreshed and revitalized. But why settle for a boring hotel chain when you can travel with a unique temporary home? The concept of a vacation rental may not be new to you, but you may not have thought of these weird and wonderful alternative locations:

1. Get Lost

Remember Lost, the TV show where a group of strangers are stranded on a mysterious island Did your plane crash for no apparent reason? Relive the experience of hunkering down in the husk of a marooned aircraft when you stay at the exotic 727 Airplane Jungle Home in Costa Rica. Offering all the adventure with none of the terror of actually crash landing in the wilderness, this vacation rental features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a polished teak deck overlooking the treetops, and a fully equipped kitchen. There`s also an onsite masseuse and private chef, for that authentic Robinson Crusoe experience.

2. Wish Shoe Were Here

If you`re looking for a fairytale getaway, this property is ready to sweep you off your feet. Located in the heart of New Zealand’s Tasman region, The Boot is exactly what it sounds like – a real swag. Complete with WiFi, central heating and an idyllic courtyard garden, this bed & breakfast is the perfect romantic vacation rental for two. While not ideal for no-nonsense vacationers, this cosy cabin will leave picky, fun-loving travellers alike.

3. Berlin Budget

In the old days, people who were on a  budget at Eurotrips had to huddle into dirty hostels or, if they were lucky, crawl on the couches of friends (or strangers) who accommodated them. No more! Two enterprising gentlemen are now offering you the opportunity to spend the night in a one-square-meter cabin for the hefty sum of $ 11 a night. Like a playhouse you would expect in a child’s room, the bright red wooden box can stand upright when standing upright and can be laid flat when the airbed is inflated and falls asleep ( well?). Best of all, they are pet friendly! Hopefully, you are more of a Chihuahua than a Great Dane.

4. Time to think

Are you the type of traveller who takes a lot of selfies? Then you’ll love the Mirror House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Not only is the entire exterior of the property covered in mirrored glass, but the interior of the home continues the theme with a strict black and white colour scheme, wall-mounted mosaic tiles, and modern, refractive chandeliers. Probably not for the superstitious or vampires,  Mirror House is still a beautiful, well-located oasis that can sleep up to ten people (they only have one bed though, but you know what they say about smoke and mirrors).

If you prefer a regular vacation rental, there is certainly plenty to choose from, but when you get tired of everyday life, it’s always fun to imagine escaping to some of these stylish places.


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