Choosing the Right Time to Travel Abroad

Choosing the Right Time to Travel Abroad

Now is the time to travel to Europe. If you can’t get there this fall/winter, please make sure that your package overseas is safe because the air ticket to the Caribbean is equivalent, even if it is not cheap. 

Need any ideas on where to go? Do you have a long weekend to go on a jet plane? Ireland may be the answer, or Paris or London. We recommend no less than 3 nights per city. If you decide to go to London/Paris, if time and leisure time are sufficient, 4 nights per city is better. 

Most of the flights over the pond are red-eye, but if you can’t stand the overnight flight, there is a direct service from London Heathrow Airport, which departs in the morning and arrives in about 12 hours (actually, it’s only a little over 6 hours to get there, But you must consider the 6-hour time difference). 

For short-term accommodation, we recommend staying in the city centre, but be aware that the price is higher. Depending on the attractions you want to see, dead centres may not be needed, as it is usually easy to travel in these large cities. 

Another suggestion we always make is that if this is your first visit to a destination, consider booking a hop-on hop-off bus tour. Don’t just get a one-day pass; we recommend at least two days. Use the first day to get acquainted with what is most interesting to you and what. On the 2nd day (continuous day pass), use hop-on / hop-off to get to where you need to go. Depending on the destination, the bus company can even provide tours or light tours (night tours). You will be surprised at how big the difference is between seeing the city at night and seeing it during the day. 

If you are not a “bus driver”, many of these destinations have great subway systems. Again, depending on where there may be Hop on/Hop off riverboat/ferry transporting you. 

After determining your destination, please familiarize yourself with excursions/tours that may be of interest to you. Don’t be scared to explore off the beaten track. Is the chapter still confusing? Call your friendly and trustworthy travel advisor. You will not be surprised; they will be very happy to help you arrange your travel. After all, a great travel consultant has abundant resources to create an itinerary that not only meets your expectations but exceeds your expectations. If you are new to travel consultants, we recommend that you don’t just call the person listed on Google (or elsewhere) and go all out, but instead interview that person like you’re hiring an accountant to find a reputable doctor or death hires a lawyer. Have a good trip!

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