How to Make Your Havelock Vacation Fun

How to Make Your Havelock Vacation Fun

Havelock, the largest island in the Andaman Islands, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting the Andaman Islands. With picturesque scenery, breathtaking beaches and exciting activities,  this island is a must-see when visiting Andaman. You can fly or ship from your hometown to Andaman to the capital, Port Blair, but you can book a ferry to Havelock for the most comfortable ride at the best prices. What is the reason why Havelock is a must-see? Let’s see! 

Visit the best beaches in Asia! 

Take a walk along the beach and enjoy the sunrise and sunset at Havelock. Not to mention this, we would like to emphasize the very special Radanagar Beach, which was named “Asia’s Best Beach”  and “World’s 7th Best Beach” by Time magazine! Make your dreams come true while you’re in Havelock for a great dive experience. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert, you’ll have the same opportunity to dive deep into the ocean to explore different rock structures, corals, coral reefs, shipwrecks and more. The best places to dive in the various water species Havelock, such as shrimp, crabs, pipefish, snappers and barracudas, are Elephant Beach, Walls, Seduction Points, Barracuda City, Aquariums, Lighthouses and Mac points. 

Enjoying shallow water 

For those who are not afraid of scuba diving, snorkelling is the best choice. Snorkelling allows you to explore the structure of living corals and wonderful marine life without going deep. Elephant Beach is the perfect place for snorkelling with pristine waters and clear ocean waves. When snorkelling in shallow water, you’ll find a variety of marine life such as hogfish, red hinds, and leafy seadragons. 

Underwater walk 

How about an underwater walk? It’s amazing! ?? Instead of swimming or diving, you can stand up and interact with aquatic flora and fauna and hike underwater to roam between corals and amazing species of fish. The best place for this activity is Elephant Beach. 


Havelock is also becoming one of the most popular kayak destinations! You can kayak through the thick, lush mangroves and backwaters around the island. Explore the mangrove while kayaking and manipulating the air roots called the air roots. 

Going trekking  Elephant Beach, with its white sands and crystal clear waters, is a 20-minute drive from Havelock Island Pier. You can hike through the thick woods to the beach and get great trekking opportunities in the middle of the island landscape. However, if you visit during the monsoon season, you can take a boat instead to protect yourself from the dangers of moist and slippery forests. 

These are just highlights of everything you can do with Havelock. If you have enough time to finish these activities, there are many things you can do here. No one can rent a bike and explore the island on their own without disturbing your privacy. You can also book a charter boat to explore the islands. You can also go wild fishing. The list goes on and on. So if you want to experience everything we say, don’t forget to book a ferry to Havelock once you land in Port Blair!

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