Kerala – Be One With Nature

Kerala – Be One With Nature

Take a walk on many beaches, experience festivals all year round, and interact intimately with wildlife. Kerala has the perfect location for all travellers

Kerala is not only called “God-owned land” in words. Entering this South Indian state, the air becomes relatively comfortable, and the first thing you notice is the coastline, which is about 650 kilometres. 

With a world-famous backwater network, Kerala offers a stay on a houseboat with views of the surrounding mountains. Beaches such as Kovalam, Varkala, Chowara, Chavackad, Nattika, Cherai, Kizhunna and Poovar attract many water festivals in the state where snake boat races are most popular. Besides beaches, the state also has picturesque waterfalls. Ideal for pre-wedding picnics and photography, many of them have been repeatedly chosen as the setting for various Bollywood films. 

For history and heritage lovers, one of the best ways to spend an early morning in Kerala is to take a walk near the temple. 

Surrounded by sacred places, Kerala has the scent of incense sticks and jasmine flowers. These are sacrificed by the gods and enhance the meditative atmosphere. For those who want to understand the culture and traditions of the state, these places of worship are ideal places to visit, and Jasmine Flower White is traditionally the administrator of that art and culture. 

In addition to this, Kerala also has a rich heritage that can be explored by visiting various fortresses, palaces, museums and monuments. 

Not only history lovers but also animal lovers and birdwatchers get the value of money in Kerala. 

Kerala’s 14 nature reserves, 2 tiger reserves and 6 national parks are home to protected endangered species such as Nanakamad in India, Makalu in the lion’s tail, Bison in India, Bengal tiger and Nilgiri tahr. Inhabits. 

Wildlife Sanctuary National parks such as Periya National Park, Silent Valley National Park, Elavikram National Park, Bandipur National Park, and Parambikram Wildlife Sanctuary can be seen by seeing wild elephants and strange bird and tiger species. 

In addition to the usual, Kerala is also known as “Ayurvedic Hometown”. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea to the west and the Western Ghats to the east, Kerala has unique geographical features that make it ideal for the treatment of Ayurveda. 

For a unique and typical experience, visit a spice plantation or experience the culture and local life of the region. This is probably the perfect souvenir to take home. 

Stay in endless coconut fields and sun-dried huts while awakening to the chirping of birds in a village offered by various cities in Kerala. Or head to many adventurous places for an adrenaline rush. 

Kerala is a treasure trove for travellers, with the cities of Kovalam, Kumarakom, Thekkady, Vythiri, Kumbalangi, Bekar and Ambalavayal starting responsible tourism in their respective regions. 

ABC: Light cotton clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella.


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