Your Own Paradise on the Island of Mykonos!

Your Own Paradise on the Island of Mykonos!

The idyllic scenes of white stone houses together against crystal clear waters never stopped and captured images, and there is nothing nice as on the island of Mykonos, Greece.

The exotic island, located in the southern Aegean Sea 150 km east of Athens, is one of the best holiday destinations on the Planet, which attracts over 2 million visitors a year. He saw the tastes of Lady Gaga, Michael Jordan, Kardashian, and Rachel Crow would call, but some.

The meaning of its local name `Winds island can be deceptive! This paradise is blessed with 300 days of sun and love with an impressive glamorous contrast of ultrasonic celebrities and total relaxation, which offers attractions for all tastes.

The historians will delight in Cycladic architecture and the rich legends that have formed their history. In the nearby island of Delos, he will have mosaics for over 2500 years at the Dionisio house and the home of Cleopatra. Be amazed in the old Hellenistic Quarter and then see the Temple of Apollo. For those who want to get in touch with their spiritual side, a visit to Panagia Paraportiani is a must. The white rocky external end calms the mind and soul. 

 Food lovers can eat, drink and savour local tastes in one of the many exclusive places and the best-finished restaurants. Try the picturesque Kikis tavern, where there is no electricity, and all the food is traditionally done in an open fire. Or visit the famous Madupas coffee, which offers a fabulous view of the old port.

Party Animals can dance all night in exclusive clubs that overlook the splendid views of the island. Go to the aroma bar; the best DJ class focuses on music. If jazz is yours, I have established anchoring and enjoying the atmosphere. For music and local dance Greek, Thalami is a small and intimate club and, if you want to go to wild dishes and crush, you should join the madness of Guzel on the waterfront.

When you finish, shopping a storm is a necessity. Pay a visit to the museum store, where you will find fabulous replicas of Greek finds. Then lift a small number in Parthenis, showing design pieces of Dimitris Partners, a resident. Finish with something with Louis Vuitton or Burberry class. If the relaxation is what you want, it is established on a private white sand beach, the sun and enjoy the scenes of threads that become among the hills and luxury yachts in the port.

Purchase owned by Mykonos

Due to a piece of real estate in this exotic paradise is tempted. There are exclusive luxury villas available for sale on most of the island, including now, lights, Psarou, Kalafatis, anus mere and tour. Real estate agents are well paid with the details of each property and will guide you to the most suitable for their needs. Are you looking for a small romantic apartment, a family villa or a large place in which to entertain guests are their main requirement?

Mykonos is known throughout the world as a safe and welcoming place where visitors are always welcomed by the locals. It has already been established as a luxury place where engines and agitators around the world meet.

Contacting a local agent is the first step to buying a property. Let them know your needs and budget. They will establish a selection of places to visit. Most properties are sold daily, and there are checks and balances instead to make sure you get complete properties and title scriptures. The agents will appoint a local lawyer to deal with bureaucratic practices and financial transactions.

There are very rigid restrictions on the development of the island properties, so you can relax knowing that your breathtaking views of the sea and the slope views will remain intact forever.

Properties adhere to the style and culture of Aegean aesthetic beauty. WHITESTONE walls define the mood. Scales Pentureste Finish mountain earrings to take you to higher levels. The magnificent courtyards with sparkling pools offer sea views, and the covered pools offer a unique experience. The interior decoration is decorated with real luxury brands in mind and world-class with taste.

The villas offer up to 7 bedrooms and more with additional rooms for guests, a private bathroom, well-focused salts, fully equipped kitchens and barbecue areas. Most have additional services such as satellite TV, Wi-Fi connection and laundry service.

Talk to your agent about the Visa Golden option. This option was launched in 2013 and offered a five-year face of residence in exchange for real estate investments, subject to certain terms and conditions.


Property for rent in Mykonos

If you think you take the launch and purchase of properties is not for you or prefer to keep your options open, you can consider renting luxury property in Mykonos at any time.

Villas and apartments are available for days, weeks or months at prices quoted per day for property. Talk to a local agent who is an expert with the available area and properties. The agents will guarantee that the most severe quality adheres, ensuring that their holiday home is no more than a 5-star place.

Many of these exclusive places offer benefits with the ovens, such as their private chef service, waiters, waiters and transport facilities. The rental companies are there to answer any questions you can have on local topics and provide assistance when needed. They are more than happy to improve your vacation experience by offering luxury yachts and guided tours to see the views.

Don’t dream; let him happen! His exclusive villa or her withdrawal of a luxury vacation awaits the sensational Island of Mykonos.

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