Paxos & Villas for a Tranquil Holiday With Olive Grove Surroundings

Paxos & Villas for a Tranquil Holiday With Olive Grove Surroundings

Paxos’ beauty is difficult to explore through words. You cannot describe the scenic beauty of this island without planning the journey to this Greek island. The smallest island of the Jonne Islands has become the favourite destination for tourists who like to spend their time in peace. You have several breathtaking views that can take you from the Hustlebustle of Urban Life. Walking through the white pebble beaches, contemplate picturesque landscapes, feel the serenity of calm and fun in the seawater around the olive groves; They are simply fantastic.

But if, if you need a place to stay comfortably, where you can’t hear, you are isolated from the beautiful environment of nature and can also enjoy a quiet life. Paxos can also make the desire for such a peaceful place possible with their culture of villas. You will only find hotels and resorts on this island. Tourists also prefer to book villas and houses instead of hotels to enjoy the holidays at best serenity. And the best part of these rentals is; They can enrich their experience with the Greek cultural characteristics.


Local properties have a great value in Paxos!

They also get up in places of great attention. Almost all the houses of the villa are located near the beaches or generally need a 15-minute walk from the villages to reach. You can also enjoy your eyes, looking at the Aura beach from its place for rent. The terrace, the garden and the kitchen are some services. You can feel the Greek culture through the outside and within these rentals.


These villa villas are furnished and traditionally decorated with wooden beams, local stones, etc. Warehouses, traditional stoneware, stone floors and many other Greek touches can be found in these accommodations. You can enjoy autonomous food, and you can also go to dinner, as these places are very close to the beaches. Therefore, you can enjoy food at a tavern near your stay.

You can also enjoy walking through olive groves, as these accommodations have the surroundings of olive grove. You can spend quality time and enjoy the splendid view from your garden from your place for rent because the location of almost all the villa villas is very close to the beaches. You can also find the same serenity of the beaches while relaxing in your rentals, as they are designed to take into account visitors.


Why don’t you plan a trip to this island?

One of the reasons for this quiet and peaceful life here is transport. There is no airport; You will have to ferry from Corfu. And the population of this island is about 2500 years who lives in its three main ways, Layka and Gaios. Therefore, a selective crowd of tourists makes this place your destination for a vacation.


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