Australia plans to return international students

Australia plans to return international students.

Can international students return to Australia soon?

There are some reports in the media about the possible return of international students to local campuses. Other reports say that the borders won’t be reopened until mid-2022. But what exactly is behind this, and when can German students get back on board? We will organize the media reports for you and give you an update on the current situation.


The plan: 500 international students return per month 

The Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) has worked with the universities of Sydney and Newcastle to develop a plan that will allow international students to return to Australia. The plan is for 250 students to enter the country every 14 days and be housed in specially equipped quarantine facilities in Sydney / New South Wales. The plan is now in the hands of the government and has not yet been approved by the government before it can be implemented. Therefore, we are still awaiting the go-ahead from the Australian government. South Australia (SA) is already one step further. The government has already taken action, and concrete plans are now being drawn up.


Hope for new pilot projects in Australia 

NSW and SA’s decision is definitely a very good sign and raises hope that many international students will return soon. Hopefully, other federal states will follow suit. So far, only one pilot project has been implemented. Last year, a small group of students flew to Darwin and continued their studies at Charles Darwin University. There have also been plans from Victoria and other states that the government has yet to approve. Australia is very strict in the fight against the pandemic, preventing outbreaks through strict policies of blocking and closing state and state borders. The number of cases within the country is correspondingly low.


The Agony of Election: Who Can Enter? 

Will the borders be opened now? Regarding the NSW plan, it is important to understand that places are limited and that students who have already started their studies, have a valid student visa, and are currently studying abroad online are likely to be eligible. It can be assumed that students planning a short stay, such as a semester abroad, will not have their turn until later. The exact process has not been clarified yet either. College slots are expected to be assigned by colleges, and certain students who meet the criteria will be nominated. Therefore, you cannot actively apply at the beginning. 

Australia is generally very reluctant to open borders, and so far, there is only one travel bubble with New Zealand. Singapore is the next country to be debated by a travel bubble. The national vaccination campaign also proceeds with some hesitation. Even if herd immunity is achieved, the border may not be immediately open to everyone. However, on the positive side, the student group seems to take precedence.


Your study abroad 2022 

What to do now? We advise keeping an eye on developments and discussing options for 2022 with our student advisors. If you wish to travel abroad, we will be happy to advise you on your options. Most universities process applications for the summer semester regularly and prepare study place offers with reservations. If it is not possible to enter Australia in semester 1/2022, you can alternatively study online, postpone your place for winter semester/semester 2 or simply withdraw your application. So you don’t risk it. If you really want to go abroad in the spring and are flexible, you can also take a look at our options in Southeast Asia.

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