Satisfy Taste Buds at Exotic Restaurants in Kanyakumari

Satisfy Taste Buds at Exotic Restaurants in Kanyakumari

The land of backwaters and bays, coconut and culture, houseboats and history! It is the land of the sacred and beautiful meeting of the three main glasses of water of the country. A place where the majestic Indian Ocean, the vast Bay of Bengal and the vast Arabian Sea come together like no other place in the world. Kanyakumari has a great attraction for tourists from all over the world. Aside from its exquisite beaches and intoxicating vegetation, it also boasts one of the richest cultures in the world. And there is no doubt that the people of this beautiful country have left no stone unturned to preserve this culture in its natural beauty and yet ensure that no tourist leaves the city disappointed. Along with the jaw-dropping scenic beauty, better days are ahead for star-dazzled tourists. The city of Kanyakumari has a cuisine that any tourist will crave the most. 

No tour is complete without enjoying the local delicacies and cuisines of the place you are visiting. Whether it’s a quick bite to eat in a small cabin before setting out on a voyage of discovery, or a sumptuous five-course meal at the end of a beautiful day, Kanyakumari has so much more to offer. There is a great selection from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. Some dishes that deserve a special mention are: 

  1. Coconut rice Rice, the staple food in Kerala, takes on a surprising coconut flavour with this dish in Kanyakumari. The finely grated fresh coconut strands are mixed with the cooked rice and shared on the plate with the crunchy cashews and spicy green chillies. The nutritious and colourful dish is usually served as a drop on the green banana leaf and has been a sight to see for centuries. But don’t stop when you see it. Surrender to the aroma of cumin and coconut and enjoy the godly preparation. 
  2. Meen Columbu This one is for fish lovers. A mix of coconut and the famous South Indian tamarind, mixed with poppy seeds, and see a spicy and aromatic fish curry. The smoothness of the spices and the rich flavour is sure to make a tourist ask for another helping. 
  3. Avian coconuts again! But this time exclusively vegetarian. Packed with veggies and bananas, this is a healthy dish. Enjoy it with hot rice and let these taste buds have fun! 

Apart from that, the place is undoubtedly famous for South Indian delicacies like Idli, Dosa, Appam and many others. The staple food is rice, and people have developed countless ways to cook and enjoy it, not to mention the overwhelming number of dishes that are prepared with it. 

As Kanyakumari is a major tourist hub, there are numerous areas to enjoy as several restaurants offer local dishes. Mostly hot and spicy, these cuisines are loved by all, especially lovers of fresh food. Some of the restaurants that can be found near tourist attractions are: 

  1. Hotel Triveni is located on Focal Road and offers tasty and tasty meals at affordable prices. 
  2. Hotel Annapooma is famous for its Chinese cuisine if you are tired of local dishes and looking for a change. 
  3. Family restaurant this is the perfect place to enjoy South Indian delicacies. It also serves Gujarati and Chinese cuisine from Rajasthan, as well as South Indian dishes that will make your lips smile. 
  4. Seaview Hotel The Seaview Hotel is one of the best restaurants in Kanyakumari. The multi-cuisine restaurant serves a variety of delicious dishes. The atmosphere is nice, and the service is pretty good. 
  5. Indian restaurant with international cuisine 
  6. Sangam Restaurant This chain of restaurants started as a modest restaurant in Kashmir. But now, Sangam restaurants have also found a niche in Kanyakumari. The restaurant here serves delicious delicacies from all over the country. The service is excellent, and the atmosphere is fabulous. 
  7. Archana Restaurant is located in Hotel Maadhini; the restaurant is also suitable for non-hotel guests and serves good Indian food. South Indian dishes here are particularly hearty. The service is more than satisfactory and the atmosphere pleasant. 
  8. Saravana Part of the Saravana Hotel, this is a purely vegetarian restaurant. It is an air-conditioned restaurant with a friendly atmosphere serving vegetarian dishes from North and South India. 
  9. Hotel Seashore This hotel has an interesting restaurant on the sixth floor that offers a breathtaking view of the splendid city, along with delicious dishes on your plate. The service is top-notch,, and the quality of the food is amazing. 

With dishes for all tastes, Kanyakumari is a paradise for gourmets, pilgrims or nature lovers alike. Kanyakumari food reflects the tastes and food culture of the Kanyakumari people. Coconut is everywhere, from the furrows on the beach to the basket in Kanyakumari’s kitchen. The main food source is rice or rice products that are used to prepare dosa, appam, dormant, and puttu. 

The distinctive flavour that hides in the kitchens of local homes is a feast for tourists and, more than fortunately, the towns here always seem to welcome it with open arms. Hug her and enjoy the scent of Kanyakumari.

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