Pattaya: A Vacation For Happy Family Time

Pattaya: A Vacation For Happy Family Time

Some might say that Pattaya is a non-family tourist country. But in reality, this is just a rumour when the place is full of great opportunities for kids! 

So get your diary and start planning a family trip to Pattaya, Thailand, which offers an all-around experience for the perfect vacation

And to make planning easier for you, here is a carefully selected list of the myriad of breathtaking attractions available for family fun. A vacation in Pattaya is probably the best thing you can do for your kids this summer! 

Ramayana Water Park 

Not only is it the largest water park in South Asia, but it is more than a regular water park. Experience the ultimate water slides, wave pools, special kids zones, river cruises, waterfalls and more. To plan an affordable trip to this fun water park in Pattaya, many companies offer a variety of programs that can be customised to suit your needs. 

Pattaya Dolphin World 

Give a warm kiss from one of the adorable trained dolphins available here for shows and pure entertainment. And what about your plans for the after show? Although the park is called the “Dolphin World,” it still offers a variety of activities that everyone can enjoy. Tired? Children can enjoy mountaineering, ATVs, horse riding and exciting water park rides while relaxing at the spa, drinking coffee or satisfying their appetite with fresh steaks. 

Teddy Bear Museum (Pattaya) 

Is your child crazy about dolls? Take them to this fascinating museum, which offers a fairytale reality, a paradise for teddy bear lovers! 

Explore  12 beautifully designed zones. Your child will never want to leave. Designed specifically for photography, this museum is the perfect selfie target for you and your family! And if you’re going to own one of these cute plush toys, there is a teddy bear gift shop that offers ancestors of all sizes and shapes! 

Pattaya Sheep Farm 

BaaBaa Lots of black sheep, white sheep, wool, so there are lots of pockets, and your kids will love them too. Let your kids enjoy their nursery rhymes in real life. Ride a horse-drawn carriage to explore the farmland, find more grazing livestock, and enjoy exotic cuisine in a unique farm park. 

Harborland Pattaya 

Harborland is known as a family paradise. Why? First of all, this mega-mall has the largest indoor playground in Asia, and everyone can call it an exciting amusement park. From high trampoline jumps, underwater-themed man-made cliff climbs to ice rinks and fantasy play areas for young kids; the list doesn’t seem to end! Want to learn while your child is playing?  Harbor Learn and Play offers the best short-term cooking courses, clay work, English, dance and gymnastics. 

For you? Get ready for the International Food Garden and taste the exotic flavours of a variety of dishes. 

Black Tie Illusion Hall Pattaya 

A magical night for kids after a few days of activity in Pattaya. Eat popcorn, sit down and amaze kids with fantastic effects and sounds on the magical tricks performed by professionals! Enjoy their reaction and curiosity and make memories to take home with you. 

Pattaya is full of huge amusement parks, shopping malls and other tourist destinations that offer something to everyone. An important perk of an affordable vacation, you can count on Pattaya and Thailand.


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