10 Surprising Facts About Macau

Macau is a unique mix of Portuguese and Chinese cultures and has countless guests annually. If you’re considering a visit to Las Vegas in the East, we’ve read some shocking facts regarding Macau to arrange you for the vacation.

1. A misunderstanding was the rationale for Macau’s name

According to historians, the region’s name originates from a misunderstanding between Portuguese sailors and native voters. Once Portuguese sailors initially arrived on the island, they asked the locals what its name was. However, locals misunderstood them and told them the name of the native temple, named “A-Ma-Gau.” Of course, Portuguese sailors had no plan. They’d been told the name of the temple and not the name of the island; they began their career in the realm “A-Ma-Gau,” therefore the present name Macao.

2. The second-richest place within the world

It will not be a slip to mention that Macao is the greatest beneficiary of its gambling trade. The International money dubbed the region the second richest territory/country within the world in Oct 2017. The territory’s GDP per capita is $114,430. Additionally, the territory doesn’t have any debt, and its business enterprise reserves amounted to $55 billion at the dawn of 2016.

3. The most densely populated region

Other places might sound overpopulated, however, the key to Macau’s dense population is its tiny size. In step with statistics, 650,834 individuals squeeze into thirty.5 sq. kilometres, which makes it the foremost densely inhabited territory – there are over fifty-five,500 individuals per sq. mile!

And, believe it or not, Macao welcomes a total of thirty two.6 million tourists.

4. The government pays the locals

Since there are monumental annual profits from casino taxes, the govt. awards permanent Macao residents with nine,000 patacas (roughly $1,200) and non-permanent residents five,400 patacas, or $670. apparently, the total isn’t to alter and has remained therefore for four years.

5. Macao was Europe’s initial and solely Chinese colony

Macau, which was chartered to the European country in 1557 remains Europe’s initial and last colony in China. China chartered its island as a trading post, and it became a politician Portuguese territory in 1887. Eventually, China got its island back in 1999.


Nowadays, the 450 years of Portuguese influence have left a mesmerising mark. Each culture and design area unit a fusion of Portuguese and Chinese civilisations. That’s not all – Portuguese remains the official language.


6. Locals speak one of the foremost critically endangered languages.


Patuá may be a creole language – a mix of Yue and Portuguese, that developed in Macao and has become Macau’s indigenous Eurasian (Macanese) community’s official language. As of 2000, AN calculable fifty individuals speak Patuá. In 2009, UNESCO classified Patuá as a “critically endangered” language.


In a trial to preserve the Patuá language and also the Macanese culture, locals organise a competition annually wherever they perform plays in Patuá. The plays have Chinese, Portugal, and English subtitles.

7. Macanese cuisine – the primary fusion preparation within the world

Not amazingly, given the very fact that Portuguese individuals have lived on the island for over four hundred years, Macanese preparation is considered the world’s initial fusion preparation. Macanese preparation may be a combination of Portuguese ingredients and preparation techniques and Chinese ones. At a traditional eating place, guests will attempt ancient dishes like minchi and African chicken.

8. Has a Guinness Record

Macau may be a mecca to any or all adrenaline junkies. There’s a reason why extravagant individuals visit Macau – the island is home to the Guinness record holder for the very best business Skyjump on the earth – Macau Tower, with a platform of 233m (764ft). Incidentally, Macau Tower isn’t the very best rope location within the world: Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, is raised 321 meters (1,053 ft) on top of the bottom, creating it the world’s highest rope jump.


Still, Macao attracts additional guests than Colorado9. is that the world’s gambling capital

Another truth regarding Macao, which most likely isn’t all that shocking nowadays because it would be back in 2007, is that Macao generates 3 times the gambling revenues of las vegas. In fact, the casino trade in Macau is flourishing to such AN extent that it accounts for nearly eightieth of the island’s economy.


Macau is that the only location in China where gambling is legal, which makes it AN appealing location for gamblers from PRC, Hong Kong, and, of course, the remainder of the planet. There’s a reason why Macao is named the world’s gambling capital – the island’s recreation trade generates $33 billion a year, compared to $939.8 million generated by the Vegas recreation trade. Additionally, Macao has forty-nine casinos, whereas Vegas may be home to 135 gaming institutions.

10. No alcohol to lighten up whereas enjoying

Believe it or not, guests don’t seem to be served alcohol in recreation institutions in Macau. Rather than giving customers alcoholic beverages, casino personnel in Macau offer shoppers tea. However, forums say that

There are venues that serve free alcoholic drinks to guests; however, they need to raise the infernal region boss.

VIP rooms and sections additionally provide free alcoholic drinks. Yet, Macao isn’t like Vegas during this matter and since the Chinese culture isn’t conversant in tipping, there’s no incentive to supply free drinks. Still, guests are allowed to consume unlimited amounts of milk, coffee, coke, or tea.

Another shocking truth is that table games in Macau casinos don’t embrace most poker, blackjack, and roulette – actually, the foremost standard game in Macau casinos isn’t any aside from cards.

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