Can Mezcal in Oaxaca Raise the Mexican State’s Profile for International Tourism?

Can Mezcal in Oaxaca Raise the Mexican State’s Profile for International Tourism?

The state of Oaxaca in the south of Mexico is currently known for its production of Mezcal, the iconic Mexican spirit based on Agaves. For decades, it was also known to tourism, thanks to its beaches, to the artisan villages, to the pre-Hispanic ruins, the kitchen and its colonial architecture, colonial architecture, Oaxaca, had three hotels ranked by TripAdvisor Choice Awards in the category of the best 25 Hotel Ganga in the country. However, for a state that is based almost entirely on tourism with its existence, Oaxaca Bad state in other categories does not move well. And, but for the tourist cities of the beach of Mazunte and Huatulco, the state would have been almost completely excluded. Tulum, on the other hand, has come out anywhere first to classify the 25 best global destinations. Can you mix Oaxaca’s tourist fortunes? Of course, their other attractions did not maintain a force that is considered in classifications, where perhaps it should be.


TripAdvisor Chips is the largest and most respected international travel website. Annually publishes the choice of travellers’ awards for the world, the individual countries and regions, in different categories ranging from different types of accommodation to restaurants including museums and other attractions.


At least in the city of Oaxaca, Mezcal tourism has been removed from 2014, with a dramatic increase in the influx of visitors looking for the spirit. They come from the United States, Australia, other States of Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. They are represented by:

  • Tequila fans, as well as other spirits;
  • The novices who have caught of Mezcal, but know very slight of their nuances and means of production;
  • Bars and restaurant owners and their staff interested in selecting new products to chop their customers, and;
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to expose better Mezcal to immobilisation in their particular dances.

For the most part, these pilgrims are relatively significant people. However, they are extremely emphasised when it comes to classifying the quality of its accommodations and restaurants in Oaxaca.


Oaxaca It was not possible to qualify in categories of 25 best hotels (hotel number one taken from Rosewood Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen), the 25 best luxury hotels (Top 25 Number one stand by Rosewood Mayakoba, and the first 10 restaurants of excellent Restaurants (number one location carried out by Bravos Restaurant Bar in Puerto Vallarta). Surprisingly, the restaurant of the house of Oaxaca in Oaxaca Casa Oaxaca Chef Alejandro Ruiz was not in the standings. And ‘quite safe to assume that the vast majority of tourists in search of Mezcal in Oaxaca City in Oaxaca dinner house, but the restaurant was not located in the popularity contest. Perhaps the mezcal fans do not use and are not registered members of, to the extent of other tourists with trips more wisened and holiday reasons.


While tourism mezcal, is not expected to increase the reputation in all categories in TripAdvisor, all the discomfort of the state community is evident by Oaxaca does not qualify at all in the top 25 of the Number One Numbers (family hotel) for Paradisus Playa del Carmen Esmeralda), Top 25 Top Inclusive (number one of the numbers taken from the Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun) and 10 major beaches (number one of the places taken by Paraiso Tulum Beach).


While the top spot for the category of Ganga was taken by La Quinta del Sol in Punta de Mita, the Huatulco hotels were in the two numbers 23 and for the mission of the arches and the hotel Villablanca Huatulco, respectively. Posada Ziga in Mazunte was number 21, around the respectable state in the Oaxaca category.


What is interesting in these coastal places on Mezcal tourism, often feels complaints that it is difficult to find the difference where it is a good mix along the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, the majority of fans visiting Oaxaca, In fact, renounce a part of their sea holiday, regardless of whether the visit is totally for pleasure, or by companies; Although some in the previous category combine culture and beach.


Mazunte Shone, Even the Top Small Hotels category, taking the number seven with the Honey Pan House (the first place went to Hacienda de Los Santos in Alamo, with the number 12 going to the Hotel Casona de Tita, in the city of Oaxaca). Mazunte took second place for novels hotels with Oceanomar, losing first place in Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun. Nearby Huatulco No. 20 in the top 25 categories of hotels for the service with the bows mission, with, good again, Rosewood Mayakoba, taking the first place. Three best rankings for the Mayakoba rosewood in Playa del Carmen, for the best, luxury and service! Yes, the Casona de Tita hotel is a quality accommodation in the centre of Oaxaca, but it is not very often that visitors interested in Mezcal learning remain there; Only a high-end hotel in TripAdvisor rating to the city does not have anything.


Rounding the accommodation categories, Oaxaca has been classified 12 out of 25 for the best B & Bs and Posadas, for Casa Kei in Puerto Escondido, with the best place for the diplomat boutique hotel in Mérida. The state also had an appearance in the category of museums with the Museum of Capital Cultures that takes the number six, with the first place of course at the National Museum of Mexico City Anthropology.


The involvement of the above is that the state of Oaxaca has a lot to reach with the Yucatan peninsula. The latter has Tulum, Puerto Morelos, Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Granted, apart from the hurricane season, the Gulf of Mexico has a better and more predictable climate than the Pacific. But this is not an excuse for quality traveller options, especially when considering Mezcal tourism. And while Oaxaca’s civil disturbance a decade makes a decade ago in the minds of some potential visitors to Mexico, this should only reduce the numbers, and not only should he significantly learn the classifications in relation to other tourist destinations in the country.

Visit Oaxaca? I suppose the travellers should go to Mazunte or Huatulco, at least for a southern beach-style holiday. But as suggested, Oaxaca’s coastal destinations will not do so much in Mezcal quality. The city must do a better job of promoting the spirit in the international scenario. With at least 15 Bar Mezcal in a city of about 400,000 and convergent fans of all the corners of the world, surely something is bad. Let’s see if there is a change in the rankings for travellers 2017 Spice Awards.

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