Why We Travel

Why We Travel?

Travelling is human blood. I am still alive, and I can travel. I will go on a private holiday or every public holiday.

Seeing is believing 

You have seen the Seven Wonders of the World in photos and videos countless times. No one will blame you for getting bored after a while. Thousands of times later, you may not be completely excited about having Cripple Creek on YouTube for the company with The Band, but wouldn’t you die to participate in their live performances? That’s travelling: live performances! Those are the most private vacations you can get. Standing in front of the Pyramid of Cheops, feel the pleasure, which is different from the long BBC video. 

The atmosphere in the living room can never be compared to the existence of the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China; they stretch out into nowhere on the horizon. Natural or artificial design, witnessing is the whole meaning of travelling. Don’t forget, whether you’re eating from street vendors in heaven or enjoying authentic local cuisine at a high-end restaurant with direct prices on the roof, you can sample the authentic local cuisine. For private vacations or group travel, you can choose your favourite way of eating to enjoy the trip. 

Nostalgia is the catalyst. 

Nostalgia for the passing of days is not just a feeling. It’s more like falling in love. Seeing a beautiful girl, how many times can you fall in love. Going back in time to remember events and places is a great way to pass the time. What if you can go back to that place, although not back to the actual time period? The time machine may not be suitable for you to travel, but now, you can take a bus or something to get back to where you like. 

Even if it was green when you saw it for the first time a year ago, the blades of grass that have now turned orange could have an impact on you. Each place has its place in a person’s heart. The backyard of the house where you grew up but no longer lived, the hillside where you and your friends stole cigarettes, everything has millions of dollars in memory. You are very lucky; you don’t have to spend so much money. This type of very private vacation only requires travel expenses. 

Travel books 

Some world-famous travellers have left their experiences in the books they wrote. Reading her story ignited enthusiasm, and even a carefree traveller would start to consider packing up and moving on seriously. Recently, Harvard professor George Santayana’s praise of travel should have inspired thousands of people to travel. 

The sea, the opponent of the earth 

The extension of the sea is an unparalleled attraction for countless inhabitants of the earth. Walking on the boardwalk deck, the cool breeze strokes your whole body, and the afternoon sun shines on the blue sea, turning it into gold. This is the meaning of heaven. Every man, woman and child will become a true-blue sailor while sailing. Why not? Aren’t sailors good and happy people? 

Get rid of all this. 

Except for the Beatles, no one can have an 8-day week, but your 5-day workweek will make you feel like you have an 8-day week. You want to take the path that has not been taken until now, to the place where no one has been before. It is not necessary to study travel statistics carefully to understand that travel around the world has increased significantly, be it private vacations or vacations with all family and friends.

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