10 Tips to Beat Your First-Time Business Traveller’s Jitters

10 Tips to Beat Your First-Time Business Traveller’s Jitters

Make Proper Preparations:

  1. Use airline miles: If you book your flight yourself, a credit card with free miles when you buy your ticket (e.g. American Airlines City Card) Or use Capital One Rewards) for future bookings.
  2. Lightly pack: If your trip is only  23 days, put everything you need in one baggage. Pack some basic neutral clothes that can be twisted. Please bring travel-sized toiletries. Minimise the number of extra items you carry around, such as books and bulky electronics.
  3. Master Itinerary: Organize your itinerary with a tracker that organises and simplifies your travel plans. For example, It syncs with calendars as well as weather forecasts and maps while travelling. Remember that you can use this regardless of whether you or your company booked the trip.
  4. Avoid spending from your pocket: don’t waste your time and effort preparing your travel expense report. Keep all receipts in one place. By putting together all your operating expense receipts, you can better track your operating expenses and avoid paying for items from your pocket.

Business and Joy:

  1. Careful Planning: Plan your meetings and appointments with plenty of time to avoid accidentally overbooking yourself. When planning your schedule, consider unpredictability, such as traffic conditions and bad weather, and ensure that you always have enough travel time to arrive quickly. Also, plan your dinner a little later than usual until you can move around the city comfortably. 
  2. Please be aware of the restrictions 

Remember that you are on a business trip and therefore represent your company. Save your excitement and new city adventures for your leisure trip. Business is our top priority. You need to be aware of the restrictions on going out, as cheating on your part can hurt your business and can be reported to the CEO. Remember to keep it professional, and don’t allow yourself to get out of hand as you are with your friends. 

  1. Skip All-Nighters. You need to get a good night’s sleep before starting the 41st meeting. If you enjoy the nightlife, don’t forget your morning agenda, and shorten the night excursion when you know there’s a big day in front of you. 

flatshare with colleagues: 

  1. Split a room: Having to share a room with a colleague can be awkward and uncomfortable, but the best you can do is make it work. Respect their privacy and don’t spend too much time in a common area (bathroom, etc.). Leave the room and offer to leave the room while dressing and undressing to avoid annoying encounters. In a private/closed space. 
  2. Plugin: If you know you’re snoring, give your colleagues fresh earplugs or have a pair ready in case your new roommate snores. Or, use headphones for a good night’s rest. 
  3. Couchsurfing: If your room has only one bed, it is advisable to switch between the bed and the sofa. If your colleague offers to sleep on the couch most of the time, check out housekeeping tips or buy breakfast to show your gratitude. 


Keep these tips in mind and make your business trip rewarding and hassle-free. No matter where you travel!

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